19 August 2011

Benefits Beyond Mascara Review

So yet another 'wonder' mascara has hit the shelves boasting fuller thicker longer looking lashes. I'm always sceptical of promises like these made by beauty brands.
However when Benefit launched Beyond Mascara I had to take notice! so I was thrilled to be invited to the launch party (Burlesque, cocktails, a giant man baby!) 
and I had to see why a brand with the best selling mascara in the world (Bad Gal Lash) would try to compete with itself? 
The reasons I'm such a die hard fan of BGL is that it is an old faithful and pretty much does what is says on the tin! compared to BGL, Beyond Mascara streamlined sports car even down to it's shiny streamline packaging but does it work?
Yes, as mascaras go this is a bloody good one, the brush is pretty nifty and coats the lashes evenly, my lashes DO appear longer, and a bit fuller if you are a die hard Benefit fan the brand has not let you down this is a good product it won't change your life or anything but it will make your lashes look pretty.
What I like about Benefit is that it doesn't bombard the brand with loads of products, it now has two fab mascaras, nice and easy when shopping huh?
Benefit US $22.00
Benefit UK £18.50


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