10 August 2011

Afro on the BBC? Natalie May


I have been watching the news constantly for the last two days watching the coverage of the London riots, listening to politicians and police cheifs making empty promises and completely missing the point.

I woke up this morning to Natalie May, singer and song writer from NW London discussing the riots and the youths involved in the mayhem. Natalie works closely with The MAD Experience an organisation that aims to promote and inspire excellence in young people, unlike alot of youth workers that have appeared on news channels over the last few day, Natalie did not claim that these riots are purely down to the boredom and anger of young people, she explained her own fear of this terrible situation and put some responsibility on the government who need to support groups like MAD, in order to educate young people on how to channel this anger into positive activism.
Natalie May is definitely one to watch in regards to her music and presence and I may just have found a new fro idol


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