7 July 2011

The Yummy: Yoomoo


there are some crazes from across the Atlantic that I just don't understand, I love our American cousins, but there are some things I can do without, meat on sticks, Prozac commercials, watching a show for 5 minutes then it going to an ad break....you get my drift? one of these frightfully American ideas that I thought I could live without was frozen yoghurt, I had visions of muller fruit corners on ice and Paris Hilton, I shoved the whole idea into the part of my brain which I put other useless foods, like cous cous and rivita breakfast biscuits.
Fast forward a few years and I'm introduced to a taste sensation Yoomoo Frozen yoghurt, with all the taste of something that is so very bad for you it is in fact FAT FREE! with no nasty sugary crap it's all made from fresh BRITISH yoghurt and is a British brand run by GIRLS! (well women).
there are loads of locations all around the UK and are a great alternative to coffee on you shopping trips with the girlie's
it's way better than ice cream, almost as good as sex and on par with shopping (give or take)

almost to good to eat....

...but I did anyway!


use discount code: WIGWITCH