10 July 2011

Outfit of the Day + My Hair

Skirt & feathers from Primark
Tube Top from H&M
Belt & bangles Thrifted

I wash and conditioned my hair  using KeraCare, on my damp hair I used a mixed of Jojoba oil, lavender oil, and whipped shea butter. To style I picked out my hair then randomly finger coiled sectioned to give a mused up fluffy look. 
I'm not growing my hair I'm just letting it do what it wants, after rocking my low cut for a year (2009-2010) I decided to stop going to the barbers in late august, I have had a few hair cuts since then, back in march I evened up my fro (as it was looking suspiciously like a mullet) I don't have a goal length so length checks are rare! but here are a few pics so you can see for yourself

august 2010-July 2011


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