25 July 2011

Natural Hair in Mainstream Media

Today yet another natural hair article has been published by the mass media, this time on CNN, today they discuss the obsession with touching our natural hair, this story is doing the rounds on most natural hair blogs and is blowing up twitter. I’m not going to discuss this article per say but the influx or should be say fluttering of articles in the mainstream about black women and there natural hair the last year seems to be the year that the natural community makes its mark. Just last month Mae of Natural Chica and other bloggers appeared in the NY times, we also had newsreaders going natural and high profile celebrities.
Major publications are implementing segments dedicated to natural haircare (black hair magazines naturally faboulous). The exposure is great, yet issues being raised are nothing that we haven’t been discussing for years in blog posts, forums and youtube videos, with few journalists such as Hanna Pool (the gaudian) who has been writing about black women and their hair for a while. We have been debating issues such as natural hair at work, mens perception of natural hair, womens perception of natural hair, oils, mixtures the topics are endless and all you have to do is google it! 
I don’t want to dog the success (however minor in the grand scheme of things) more exposure means more accessibly (stylists who cut afro hair, naturalhair products sold alongside dark & lovely and dax) but bloggers and entrepreneurs hold so much power do we really need the media? I’m torn, a part of me wants to keep our little community to  ourselves,  as embracing as we are to new comers, we are like family, knowingly giving each other that secret nod of acceptance and camaraderie and I’m not sure if I want to let the world in.
We must grow I get this, but lets bring something new to the table or really discuss some deep rooted issues that dig a little deeper that Sunday supplement fluff pieces. Also I'm not sure how much of an impact these articles are making outside of the natural hair community,  the comments and feedback from these articles are mostly from natural women, who already have this information so who is being educated?
I’m quite possibly over reacting and being a tad sensitive/melodramatic but I thought I’d share.

what do you guys think, are these articles relevant? are they reaching people outside of the natural hair community? 

*you all know I'm not big on the  words so I hope this reads well


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