10 July 2011

The Letter: Transitioning at 9 Years Old!

"I wanted to take a second and introduce myself since I have become quite a lurker on your blog. I am an (adoptive) mom of a fabulous preteen who has decided to go natural!!  We have been plowing thru the transition stage very slowly and I have done tons of research on her hair and of course have become a product junkie!!  Your story is, of course, particularly interesting and inspiring for me.

I love love love your style, even if I am over 40 - but I really like your hair posts.  Chance (my daughter) is 10 - going on 19 she thinks- has about 2.5 inches of new growth and about 6 or 7 inches of relaxed ends. She doesn't always let me spend the time and energy I would like to on taking care of it, so I do what I can.  We have been doing braids or twists to sleep, but daytime she wants mostly a ponytail pulled to the side.  So far she is reluctant to wear it curly, as it can be pretty big and she thinks she looses the look of length.  I did an amazing bantu knot twist out one night that was gorgeous (If I do say so myself) but it was too curly and did not look long for Chance. So, that ended up in a ponytail too!

I have shown her your blog once or twice, but she is not as interested in reading about hair and fashion quite yet. I will hopefully continue to just use your blog as inspiration for myself and keep trying to interest her and connected to the natural hair community.

Thanks for your blog!"

Thank you so much for this letter (email but I'm old school) and it's great that you are taking an active interest in Chance's hair, it's amazing that she has decided to go natural at 9 years old! she really is a big little woman!
keep doing what your doing and encouraging her growth into her teenage years. Keep her journey fun and interesting and interactive there are lots of blogs dedicated to children's natural hair.

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