15 June 2011

The Nails: Long and Short of it!

The long vs short debut does not just strictly stay in the domain of our hair. I have recently noted a set of camps long nails in one corner short nails in the other!
Ye I’m taking nails, I have been firmly in the long nail camp for a long while, I wore nail extensions for many years (not a good idea!) I’m all for chopping off my hair at any given moment but my nails?
When I break a nail which is quite regularly due to my extension past leaving me with paper thin nails! It’s a big deal, there have been tears, superglue and more tears.
After a drunken fall last Saturday I broke every nail on my right hand so I had to do it…..The Big Chop!
My manicurist smiled with glee when I told her to even me up. She has been giving me side eye about my love of nail length for a while, telling me that long nails are dated and the shape de jour is short neat and rounded. And I do agree a lot of my love for long nails stems from childhood, long nails where glamorous, my mother had fabulous long nails like in dynasty. But the look IS dated models and celebrity’s today all have quite short nails (immaculately polished of course!) with exception of Rihanna who seems addicted to shaping her nails like claws. I’m not sure if Rihanna is feeding into her wild woman, sex kitten image but I think her nails look sort of bashy. So I’m rocking my numbins I’ve said goodbye to my talons.

What do you think? Do you prefer long or short nails?


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