2 May 2011

The Locs: Newbie Guide to Locs

So you've gone Natural or are on the continuing journey of natural hair?
you rarely wear your hair out in curly fro or Blow out?
you prefer protective style like two strand twists or braids?

Have you considered Locs?

I get alot of messages asking about locs, obviously I do not have them but I can share some Tips I've picked up over the years

there are many misconceptions about locks, the most common (and the most false) is that they are dirty.
locs CAN  be washed regularly, they are clean & tactile

it actually helps the locing process to wash them on a regular basis
another is that locs are a life long commitment unless you wish to shave your hair, a good three inches of your locs hair will be newly twisted (i'll get to this later!) and will not be as developed as the ends and with some time a good portion of your hair can be saved from the chop
and lastly some people are put off because they assume that locs will take forever to form, however if you use the best method for your hair type locs can form within weeks
Rasta hats, weed, crochet pant's & Bob Marley's greatest hits are optional....smh

getting started
now we have any myth's cleared up we can now start our loc journey
firstly research research research!
seek out professional advise before you start to loc your hair, I suggest you start your locs with a stylist first off and learn to maintain them your self , if you are confident to DIY, then have a consultation with a loctician, for some tips and advice for the right locs for your hair type and products to use during the process

when you have gotten the advise it's time to decide what size of locs you are going to have,  think honestly about the time you have to maintain the style and your lifestyle (thinner locs need more maintenance!)
 once you have decided on the size choose a method

Organic locs
are form completely organically, the hair is washed but never combed, organic locs are not sectioned or guided in anyway

Freeform Locs
people sometimes confuse free form locks with organic locks, though they are similar, like organic locs they are not maintained, however they are sectioned (randomly and by hand) after washing as to form separate locs

Traditional Locs Palm roll/Latch Hook
works best with naturally curly hair as they work with the coil pattern, hair is sectioned in a uniform manner 
you can start Traditional locs by using the palm roll method were you roll the loc sections between your palms,
you can palm roll your locs to maintain them for the duration of your journey however some people choose to use the latch hook method (by Cherie King) to tighten/maintain their locs

Cherie's Latch hook instructions:
  1. Grasp one of your locs.
  2. Take the latch hook into the other hand and insert the hook into the underside of your new growth. Be sure to insert it in an area that is close to where the locked hair starts and not closest to the scalp because you will be working your way UPWARD towards the scalp as you tighten.
  3. As you insert the hook into the new growth, make sure that you push the hook in until the little latch is out past the OTHER side of your hair.
  4. Now, take your loc and lay it right across the top of the latch hook. Flip the little latch up into "closed" position.
  5. Gently pull the hook, along with the loc, back out.
  6. Now, you'll want to insert the hook in SIDEWAYS (horizontally). From either the left side of the new growth to the right side or vice versa. The reason for this is because I found through trial and error that if you keep inserting the hook in the same way over and over without alternating the direction in which you insert it, you will end up with a gap in your locs.
    1. After inserting it in sideways from one side to the other, follow steps 3-6

are very small locs, they should be maintained by a sisterloc loctician, some believe they are the most versatile form of locs as they resemble fine braids

also research Nappylocs/ braidlocz & and starting locks from two strand twists

washing/caring for your locs
 if you are using the right method you can wash your hair within a fortnight of locing your hair, in some cases straight away. use a build up free shampoo or apple cider vinegar which helps with itchy scalp.
apply lots of moisture to your hair, use natural oils (i love lavender oil when I have braids)
pay attention to your scalp
for more tips on loc care click here
caring for locs is similar to caring for your natural hair, tie you hair at night with a satin scarf, moisturise and have fun!

*everyone has a different opinion on how to care for locs and the best methods, this is just my opion,  please don't take my word (or any internet guru's) as gospel, seek professional advice

 and use the internet as a guide to get idea's and inspiration


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