9 May 2011


Just watched Glee, my Twitter feed just blew up with people commenting on Mercedes 'NO WEAVE' Tee.  In this weekS episode the member's of One Direction had to preform Lady Gaga's 'born this way' wearing T-shirt's that highlighted there biggest secret/fear/something they have come to terms with ect.
Mercedes wore a tee with NO WEAVE written across it......with an exclamation mark! I took this to mean that her biggest fear was to be seen without her weave (as is it is obvious she rocks one) was this not clear?
the only gripe I have with the episode/series is that it avoids race issues (Mercedes is one of the only black girls in a predominately white school in Ohio?) I mean they went out of there way to put Mercedes in a 'no weave' tee without focusing on how she got to that place. where was Mercedes, big number where she sings 'I am not my hair' by India Aire and whips off her weave to reveal a head of natural hair........wishful thinking on my part but still!
Last week the glee kids preformed a Night of neglect fund-raiser, Mercedes sang an Aretha track that closed the show (thank god, if I have to hear Rachel Berry murder another Streisand song.....!) however I'm left feeling that our Mercedes is still neglected.
come on glee writer dudes! as much as I love your gay/Lebanese(!)/transgender issue's lets get some variety next season and focus a little more on Mercedes,Santana (I want to be Lebanese with her!), Mike and Tina!
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Yay I finally got to post about Glee!! 
Britanna forever!


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