9 April 2011

Esperanza Spalding at the Barbican

Last night I finally had the privalge to see Esperanza Spalding live at the Barican Centre in london. She took my breath away........literally.
i've been  a fan of her's since starting naturalbelle, of course i love her hair but much more than that she is an amazing talent.
As soon as Mr Nauralbelle confirmed he had got me the tickets for my birthday (the date also coincided with our anniversary!). i've been a ball of excitment, telling everyone who would listen about where I was going, always (of course) met with quizzical faces, except from disgruntled bieber fan's!

Belle with Mr Naturalbelle

I haven't been to the barbican since 1997, it was to see sleeping beauty and I was 14. the building is 1960's concrete blandness that actually looks great in the early evening sunshine (a bit like the 60's version of the future) we sat at the back due to my weak bladder and sound quality (apparently). When in the comfort of my own home I usually sit listening to spalding whilst reading a good book and I usually end up dozing off as her voice relax's me so much (like listening to waves)  thankfully I did not nod off, as soon as she started with "little fly" we were taken on a journey, from jazz to classical. The eclectic crowd were captivated, she is so adorable and tiny voiced! it's hard to imagine her commanding a stage but she does it effortlessly.  If you ever get the chance to see Esperaza Spalding live I suggest you do (perhaps in open air with someone you love).

it was a great present.....the boy did good!

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