10 April 2011

The Email: I relaxed after 2 days natural


Afro Sheen ad, 1970s. #naturalhair

"I've been reading your blog for almost a year and it has been such an inspiration to me. I went through the process of growing out my natural hair for ten months and it was suprisingly easy and I was so excited to cut my relaxed ends and sport my natural hair.  After I cut my hair I went two days before I got a relaxer.  I was so disappointed in my self.  My hair texture seemed to change after I cut my hair.  While I had the relaxed ends, I could see the curls and waves of my natural hair but after I cut it there was no distinct pattern.  I was really confused and it was a bit unexpected.  My question to you is there a reason that you know of why that would happen?  I honestly dont know anyone else to ask.  Thank you for your time."
So what happens when you spend months growing out your hair and you don't like what your left with?
firstly i'm not sure if the texture of your hair changed, but perhaps the way you were managing it, dealing with two textures is alot different than dealing with one! 
 as much as blogs like naturalbelle and the like are here to inspire your journey, i think on some level's we get bogged down with the 'SUPER NATURALS' curl definition and length.
firstly it's important to remember why you want natural hair, is it because you want hair like the next girl? if so then perhaps this isn't for you (burns me to type that!) your hair is unique to you and as clique  as it may sound you really must love yourself first. 
i don't think there was anything wrong with your natural hair (when I had my recent hair cut I noticed I had these random straight ends but it eventually settled)  your hair would have settled into a curl pattern that is accurate for your hair type in time and after using the right products. when it comes to going natural patients is a virtue
but don't worry girl! you are not the first to head for the creamy crack in times of doubt, put it down to cold feet and try again if you want to, don't feel disappointed it's a journey after all.


(by 員Quazimotto.On.Wax)

A few tips for after your BC

research research research! check out blog's and youtube video's 
look for bloggers with a similar hair type to you for inspiration

@modelliberation Nikia rocking a fierce check jacket! uber model cute!

step up your make-up and accessory game! 
when you BC it can be a bit of a culture shock, and we don't have our hair to hide behind

have realistic goals! 

remember that healthy hair is good hair!

some curless beauty!


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