5 April 2011

The Email: Colour me bad

"Just wanted to let you know that I adooore your blog! And, I actually had a question too.
I'm mixed, so my natural hair color is a bit brown, lightish. But I made the stupid mistake of coloring it black, pitch black, a couple months ago.
Now I'm wondering... Do you think it would hurt my hair badly to color it light again til summer? I mean, it must be possible to get a golden brown tone again right?
Or is my only option bleeching it?
Take care!!
ahhhhh! that was a bit extreme wasn't it! I take it you used a permenate colour, which luckly for you will fade over time....eventually, to speed up the process you can try using shampoo's such as head and shoulders which strips the hair of colour (and also shine and mositure!) but getting a golden brown tone wil be difficult. when using a permenate colour or tint you can not colour over it. "tint does not lift tint" when you colour your hair it fills the hair shaft with colour and the only way to lift it out is to bleech bath the hair, jet black (the most difficult to lift!) hair will first go red/orange, the process can not be done in one go.
there is a product called Colour B4 which claims to reverse the colour process without bleech or ammonia, you can buy this or products like it from good drugstores.
another option is to work with the black hair colour you are rocking, you can try using henna to give the hair a reddish tinge but again it may not lift the hair.
also remeber that all these process's will damage your hair over time, especially if not done correctly! i'm still living with the affects of a home colour gone bad! so be sure to see a colour specialist when you want to make a drastic change to your colour.


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