25 April 2011

The Boho Box Braids

Box braids, micro braids, yarn braids, whatever your calling them, there is definitely a current trend for braids, and we are talking, 90's style long chunky braids, the okpo twin's, Vashtie, and jewellery designer Nyne have been rocking the throw back style for a while, but you could say the trend has gathered speed due to the likes of Solange, Willow Smith, Chrisette Michelle, and Joy Bryant all rocking braids on red carpet events some what heightening it's appeal. 
There has been some backlash on the style, one of the writers over at coco + crème believe the look to be dated
However the style stems back further than Janet in poetic justice(shock lol), braiding our hair is apart of our heritage that has never been out of style. it's a wardrobe staple so to speak, it's a great way to rest your hair,  braids can be regal, boho, classic, work appropriate, and trendy.

so how are all the cool kids doing it?
The look has a bohemian vibe to it
Boho/box braids are perfect for summer, they are carefree and low maintenance.
they key to rocking the looks for 2011 is to wear the super long or at least below bra strap length.
don't be to neat! be random in size and partings it's not about perfection 
avoid the micro look not only do small braids cause breakage, they take ages to put in!
rock the top knot! the messy high bun looks great (solo rocked it!)

if you use synthetic hair try putting, talc or dry shampoo on them to stop them looking to plastic.
for those who want a natural look, try kinky bulk hair in and extra long length or marley hair
Or try yarn braids which look more like loc's than braid's check out Yagazie for inspiration!
it's very important that if you are going to rock this style to NOT  braid to tight!
and do not leave them in to long 8-10 weeks max
cleanse your scalp every week with a light shampoo and oil your scalp with something light (I like peppermint oil)
I'm not a fan of burning the ends to seal, it looks a little old skool (not in the good way) and the ends stick to your clothes,  I suggest you seal your ends with hot water

if you don't don't think you can handle the weight of the Boho Braids try extra long cornrow's, same look but not as heavy!


badu & okpo


joy bryant




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