29 March 2011

The Random: Fashion Void

apologies for my dull fashion phase, it's not very inspiring or imaginative, so many of my latest outfit post should have been commited to my recycle bin, but alas i'm a creature of habit and can not start my day with out posting my picture on the internet! (it always feel like i've forgotten to to something important like lock the front door!) i'd love to say this new stage is inspired by sports luxe or minimalism.....but that would be a lie, i'm definately feeling simple lines and basics, but mostly it is geared by my complete lake of enthusiasm for fashion and the desire to chuck away all my clothes and start again......

she looks great to me

people have started to notice that casual friday has rolled into casual tuesday, that my ever changing barnet has become static (since getting scissor happy a few weeks ago i barely touch my hair),and my turban's have been unravelled and placed around my neck! the horror!
what the hell happened to my plan of never wearing jeans again? and wearing more dresses? (i'm being rather dramatic now!)
I think i've over saturated myself with fashion blogs and need to detox,(if i see another pair of Jeffery Campbell platforms i'll throw myself off a cliff)
do it like a dude

for now i want to dress like a boy (a gay boy with breasts), this like the other phases of my fashion life will pass, maybe tommorow maybe next year.
perhaps i just need to go shopping!....that must be it!

i will try and do some fun with my hair soon!


p.s I love TOWIE! aka the only way is essex!


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