9 February 2011

Leona Lewis @ never say never premier

so this dress (designed by leona herself) has been getting alot of negative reviews, i may be something to do with what looks like a half made Jim Henson muppet attached to her boobies, or maybe it's because those lips (on her chest) look like their about to quote the little shop of horrors "feeeeeed me Seymour!!!!" good on Leona for stepping out of her "i like pony's and I'm a vegetarian" blah blah blah dullness and vamping it up a bit. Leona is an amazing talent and by far the most successful x factor contestant ever! but i do wish she would throw a big diva strop , throw a tv out of a hotel window, flash her pants and punch a paparazzo! a stint in rehab would be entertaining too!  of course I'm joking!! i applaud her being a bit different ( next she'll be wearing a dress made of economy iceland burgers). also is it just me or does our leona look a bit like her wax work ?? 
i like her shoes and her nail polish i'm not to keen on the kim kardashian fringe and i'm afraid of her lip tits! 


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