23 February 2011

The Email

Im from Portugal, so my English is very weak.
I just want to say how much I admire you. Im black, also, and I never knew how to handle with my hair. All my friends have straight hair and my hair... well in portuguese we say "carapinha". Until I discovered your blog. Your courage and others girl's courage inspired me to become natural. Im more happier now. I embrace my natural features and I dont feel sad for having a "carapinha". Thanks to you, Im discovering how to treat my hair, because I deserve to be happy for who I am. I dont feel pressured anymore to have a long and straight hair, but definitely I feel pressured to have such a beautiful fro like yours.=)Thank you so much again.
this is in answer to all those people who ask why I bother to devote all my spare time on a non profit, time consuming blog. Messages like these keep me motivated and reminded of why I started Naturalbelle, if I can make one person feel like Cassandra then it's worth every minute!

Cassandra please do not feel pressured to have any hair but your own, you are beautiful!



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