1 February 2011

The Elegance of Dior and the death of jeggings

vintage Dior

I can only discribe this as opulent! this is how we all should dress, (in my dreams) i'm getting back into wearing winged eyeliner and i can't wait untill my hair grows long enough to do vintage styles(adapted for my fro!) i've always been into dressing up and all things vintage but as i get older the idea of wearing jersey, or even jeans is becoming something of a downer! i want to wear dresses EVERYDAY! i've decided not to difrenciate between dressing up and dressing down i'm going to dress up everyday because i'm worth the effort! whilst i have no real responsiblity bar getting my rent paid, naturalbelle, and Mr Naturalbelle i shall take the time and effort to have manicures and learn to last more than 3 hours in heels! i will not let skinny jeans touch my skin again, leggings will be replaced with palazzo pants as the casual buttom of choice and i shall never more wear velour trackies and uggs! even if i'm just nipping to the tesco garage (I'm from croydon!)
i may hold a legging/jegging burning ceromony!


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