5 February 2011

Chanel Iman for vogue italia

another pictue from the black allure spread for italian vogue, mixed reviews on this editorial have been buzzing around the blogsphere.
personally I wait with baited breath for any kind of high end editiorials featuring black women, and i really like this one its very decadent and reminds me of the colour purple (the nightclub on the river). however I agree with some comments, why do we need special issues? it should be normal practice to have a healthy mix of models of all ethnicities and not have to have them grouped together (literally) in one 'special' feature. It just draws attention to fact that black models are rarely used in magazines or on the runway. it's a double edged sword as I reallly like the feature and I adore all the models, but I feel like this it's attempt at giving us what we want, which is diversity in the fashion industry has only successed in doing the opposite

check out this article here on the same subject and share your views below.


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