16 January 2011

The TWA + My first dusting

 freshly washed hair with added darcy's botanicals hair milk no styling

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today i did my first dusting ie a trimmed my hair, i used  very sharp hairdressing scissors to trim a very small amount off the ends of my hair to reduce any scraggly ends. i washed and conditioned my hair as usual with mane and tail shampoo and liz earle conditioner, i also used long hair lovers treatment.  contrary to some people  beliefs not all afro hair is thick and mine is quite fine, I've had quite alot of hair loss due to stress (at the worse it came out in clumps!) i'm happy to see that my hair is thickening out! hair loss can be very stressful and upsetting! but don't worry scalp massages really do help and there are lots of treatments to help I've been using a spray from the pytho range. don't think your alone many women suffer from hair loss whether it's due to bad hair habits or stress or illness, and in most cases it can be cured.
love.peace.& healthy hair


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