21 January 2011

The Stylist

if you are based in the uk and want to find a stylist that is good with black hair in it's natural state,check out Mavin based a Hari's salon in the heart of chelsea,marvelous marv as he is know is not only great with european hair but great with afro hair too! ideal if you want a shape up or a trim (he's cut my hair *type4 and is also fab with type 3 hair)

from £98 for a cut and blowdry (or finish)
from £52 for a blowdry

top tips!
  • always book a consultation before you book your appointment
  • a good stylist will consult you on every visit! however please remember to let the reception team no if you are particully nervous about a cut so they can allocate more time.
  • also they may need to allocate more time for the drying process thick hair regardless of race takes time to dry ( all my asian sistah's say hell yeah!!)
  • shop around check out a few salons and go with the person you feel confortable and confident with.
  • you don't have to just stick to afro salons, there are many 'european' salons and stylists that understand and cater for afro.
  • any good stylist would be trained in how to manage all hair types, hair strands are in essence
 similiar no matter what race you are,  what differs is the way it reacts to the elements it is subjected to.
  • a good stylist will understand the way afro hair falls and dries and how it curls.
  • some stylist may want to straighten your hair to cut it if you are happy for them to do this make sure they understand shrinkage and what shape your hair will take once it is in it's natural state.
  • bring pictures your idea of an asymetric high top may not be someone elses! take as many refrences as possible (most salons have wifi so take your laptop!)
  • alot of salons buy in or create their own products if you don't want to use them, feel free to bring your own, no one will be offended.
  • some stylists are afraid of natural afro hair.....lack of knowledge or fear of the unknown! most have the skills but lack the confidence.
  • out of the many stylists i know,  they claim the hardest hair to cut is oriental asian hair (however it is, they say, the most expressive)
  • a great hair cut will last you longer then average, if it is cut well your hair will grow out well and you will need one less cut a year.
  • i suggest a trim or dusting every 3-5 months and big cut or reshape up to twice a year (depening on the condition of your hair and rate of growth)
  • enjoy your salon expeirence, a great salon will make you feel a million dollars so enjoy being pamperd
  • choose the salon that is right for you if you want a buzzy, vibrant, bispoke friendly salon check out hari's, for hollistic approach try aveda covent garden.
please note, i am not a hair stylist, all this info is gained from working closely with stylists and my own expirences as a consumer, all opions are my own and all advise is given for you to make an informed dicision.
stayed tuned for a how to video on dusting/trimming my own hair if you are a DIY girly!!

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