23 January 2011

The Follower

I finally ventured out today, after three days of house arrest! Mr naturalbelle and i went out to our local town centre to do some retail therapy (my favourite kind of therapy) whislt in my local Lush store trying to convince the Mr to go natural with some of his styling products (the V05 wax just is not doing it!) i heard and american whisper! 'natural belle' at first i ignored it then i thought oh yeah!! that would be me! low and behold smack bang in the middle of town i meet a follower Ms Nita (possibly Anita?) from florida but currently residing in sunny croydon! we did a startled dance of recocognition and a fits of giggles he he he ! sorry i didn't get more of a chance to chat i was high off my face on paracetamal!  and have only been able to rinse my mouth with salt water and some sort of hospital mouth wash! so i was trying very hard not to breath on you! (it doesn't matter if i breath on Mr Naturalbelle as he loves me!). the shop assistant in lush and the Mr were very impressed with my new found fame! and i did indeed go red!
so thank you nita/anita you made my day!!

p.s if you see me in the street be sure to say hi! i will pap you with my iphone and you will end up on natural belle! if you just stare at me it will be akward so just say hi! lol


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