25 January 2011

The Email

"Hi, I live in Colombia, where this "natural hair issue" is not common. I am transitioning right now and I always use the braid out style. My natural hair is still very short, it is kinky curly and I have a lot of hair.

My question is: Is natural hair beautiful no matter your face/shape/style? Because my boyfriend tells me "that look it's not for you" I want to cut it all, I dont know what to do w/ my hair. It seems very expensive to have natural hair.

Do you think natural hair is for everyone?"

i recieved this email last night, and i've been wonering how i might tackle this issue, on the one hand i believe your natural hair will suit you, how can something that is a part of you not suit you? it's not an issue of natural hair suiting you but your natural hair 'style' that you choose or the way you style your hair. when working the BC or the TWA you must be confident with and own that look! this is the same with rocking any short hairstyle natural or processed. if you are not confident with the idea of short hair you can continue to transition to a lenght that you are confortable with.
this is all dependent on what YOU think is good for YOU,  so i must add that you are the one that will be wearing your hair not your boyfriend or any friend or relative, when choosing to go natural, we all have to contend with other peoples feeling's, comments and attitudes towards your hair. when i cut off my hair hair for the first time, it was to mixed 'reviews' some people are very positive others where extreamly unsupportive but in the end i had to decide for myself.
on the issue of natural hair being expensive, i don't think it is. in general you would spend alot of money chemically processing your hair every 6 weeks, getting treatment and blowdrys ect, with natural hair most things can be done at home, most products are resonably priced, you can even make our own. as natural hair becomes more widly recieved more business's are trying to make money from the new wave,  but you don't have to spend alot of money to have healthy hair, natural hair is very inexpensive.
lastly do i think natural hair is for everyone? yes and no.
i believe everyone can carry off natural hair, but if you are not confortable with it, or do not like the athestic, then perhaps it is not for you. some people believe you have to change everything about you to conform to the (asumed) athetics of natural hair, (shell earring's and a dashiki are not compulsory) natural hair is diverse.
but don't be put off by others, most people that choose to go natural end up going on a much bigger journey than the one of haircare. but either way natural or not it is YOUR choice.



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