24 January 2011

The clean out

i've had lots of emails about the hit list that i re-posted this week,listing a few of the ingrediants that we should try to avoid when we are purchasing our hair products. lots of us are unaware of what  is going into our products, i think the people that have been dwelling in the natural community for sometime forget that not everyone is previe to this information, so i'm glad the hit list, helped a few newbies!
however now the question is what next?  now your emptied you bathroom cabinate of any offending products and have been left with a bar of soap and half a tub or root stimulator (which contains mineral oil so that would be just the soap then!).

whether you are just starting out on natural hair products or looking to stream line your products, it's always good to have a clean out!

once you've found the products, that work for you, you really do not need that many.

start with a good cleansing shampoo, sulphate free!, once you ridded yourself of all the heavy gunky products cleansing your hair will be a breeze. i love aubrey organics, darcy's botanicals, and liz earle

a good conditioner is the foundation for your curls,  i like thick creamy conditioners, that contain shea butter, and natural oils.

leave in conditioner and and treatment masques,i swear by darcy's botanicals daily conditioner as my leave in, once you've found the perfect leave in conditoner it will be your hair saviour!
treatment masques or deep conditioners are great, and there is a wide variety, i love long hair lovers.

another great way to reamp your products is to use natural oils, you can blend them together to make your own mix or use one for a specific reason. here are a few that i like

Almond Oil: non greasy consistancy, spreads and absorbs easily making it great for nourishing hair
apricot oil: is rich in fattyacids great for very dry hair.
castor oil:seals in moisture, softens and thicken hair
jojoba oil:resembles the hair natural oils making it a powerful conditoner
eucalyptus: a powerful antiseptic and will banish unsightly dandruff forever
jasmine oil: has a light consistancy and will norish your hair and give great shine
lavender: is a great cleanser for the skin and for hair also good for dandruff
olive oil: a must have conditions and gets rid of frizz
peppermint: stimulate the scalp and encourages hair growth
tea tree oil: is a great treatment for dry scalp, oily hair, and dandruff
coconut oil: absorbs into the hair, penetrates the hair shaft to add protein, shine and moisture

butter's, gel's and creams, are where you get to try out new things, but my staples are  darcy's botanicals curling jelly, and of course shea butter.

i've managed to streamline my products to some simple basics and i've noticed a difference in not only my bank balance but my hair health too, with addition to the products i review i try to keep things as simple as possible.
(the same can not be said for my clothes or make up!)

i've found that the best place to purchase nnatral hair products is online, websites like British curlies are great as not only to they, sell curl specific products but they also have forums so you can chat about different products, regimens and results.

stay tuned! as i'll be trying out new products for type 4 hair soon! also my best friend is trasitioning from relaxed to natural so i'll be interviewing her soon!, if anyone with type 3 hair would like to get intouch to write a review or article please contact me naturalbelle1983@gmail.com 


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