14 January 2011

The Article: Given the brush-off

one my fab followers Inga forwarded an article to me from the Gaurdian, carlene thomas-bailey has written a piece about the lack of selection for black women on the uk's make up counters on our local highstreets. the aricle discusses the lack of shade choices for women of colour. i must agree with carlene on the points made in this article, bar the higher end cosmetics such as mac and bobby brown, which i find have a wide range of shades to suit all skin types, there is a massive lack or representation on the high street.
go into any well know drugs store and you will be hard pressed to find our shades in the popular ranges such as Mayberline and Max Factor, even the likes of Dior and chanel do not cater for darker skin tones. carlene also vents her frustration with having to shop with specialist brand where as her lighter skinned counterparts can go to the local high street and pick from shades of ivory to milky to tan and everything in between. The uk beauty industry does not cater for black skin, standard. unless you are willing to pay £30 for a 250ml foundation, you will have a choice of looking grey and ashy. with the exception of sleek available in superdrugs and black up which is available in some debenhams and vanity fair the choice poor we should be able to go to well known brands such loreal and rimmel and be accounted for and not feel like we have  been carted off to the oddball corner where we have a choice between orange or rust pressed powder!
carlene mentions that in the US her needs are met, brands that we hold in the uk DO have the colours ranges so why are these UK stores not buying in? i'm now dedicated to my mac mineralize foundation in NW45 but i wish i had more variety. as you all know i'm a huge fan of cosmetics as are many other women of colour it's time we were accounted for in the mass market! check out the article and comment here

what are your views? if you live in the states do you have it better buying cosmetics? what do the uk ladies think?


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