13 January 2011

The 90's: poetic justice box braids

"I'm a phenomenal woman, phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, that's me" -justice

i'm loving the 90's rebirth of the box braid! super long and chunky. solange and brandy have sported the look recently as well as vashtie. the key to the look is the super long length and larger sections, solange's new years look has had mixed reviews but i'm totally getting the irony..

 if you are looking to sport this look i suggest......
start with healthy hair, if you have any problems with your scalp or breakage of any kind i'd avoid adding more stress to your hair.
don't use to much hair, you really do not need to use that much yaki! take a piece of hair the size of the section of hair that you are braiding. 
don't braid to tight! (standard)
don't leave them in to long 6-8 weeks max
protect your root and keep them smooth (nothing worse than messy braids)

if you don't want to add extensions,  make like vashtie and box braid your natural hair, it's a nice protective style and also will end up as a great braid out!
oh to be a 90's girl!!


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