29 November 2010

The most wanted: andrea of paris most wanted

i love this girls style! andrea is one half of the parisian duo from paris most wanted, check out andra and sandy's fab like of chic parties and fashion shows here 
andrea and sandy

The song: Adele - Someone Like You

The bow tie: vintage janet

i adore everything about this outfit the white pumps, the matching lipstick and jumper and that preppy little bowtie! janet was always so adorable!!

Outfit of the day

27 November 2010

The aspiring model: Mfon

"I was looking up well known models of the world and I had came across your blog. I love it . I am a aspring model who live's in Arizona and I have decided to go natural with my hair . I cut it pretty short about 3 or 4 time til all the perm was out my hair and boy it was scarey . I think african american women are very influenced when it comes to their hair. The straighter and longest it can be we tend to let that define us as women. through this journey and I am learning new ways and things to do with my hair as it starts to grow out and your blog inspires me to keep up with natural look..."

I'm so glad naturalbelle inspires newly natural ladies as that is what i hoped would be the case when i started blogging.i wish Mfon every success her hair looks amazing an she is going to make a great model!

Outfit of the day: my iPhone is scarred !

I'm not a happy bunny I just dropped my iPhone 4 on the floor!!! Not impressed it's cracked! I have to go cry now.......x
dedicated as i am i wiped away my tears and posted my pics :os

26 November 2010

The braids


wow! super braids!

my top 10 most stylish brits!

alexa chung

rich hippie

carey mulligun


emma watson

florence welch



T4's jameela

corinne bailey rae
vogue just released there best dressed list so i thought i'd give it a go,
This list changes, but at the moment these are my most stylish british girls! some newbies include T4 presenter jamella and emma watson who seems to be having a moment! my constants are corrine, shingai, carey and kesh.  singersongwriter adele missed the list but i love her "don't give a shit style" and amy whinehouse she is a mess but i like her nod to the 60's girl groups. also just missing out is kate middleton (queeny to be) love her princess chic!
i chose these ladies because they are not perfect, there style is hit and miss, and human these women wear clothes the clothes don't wear them.
what do you think? who would make your best dressed list?

The random: pictures that caught my eye today



kimora lee


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