20 December 2010

The self portraits: I see myself

an example

I'm funny, moody, angry, giving, pushover, heartbroken, lovable, natural, ballbreaker, sweet, artistic, unmoved, abandoned, lost, perfect, imperfect, hardworking, considerate, jealous, adorable, quaint, good, bad, insecure, black girl!

Send me your self portraits. And list the words that describe you! This is not a competition or a giveaway it's more of an ongoing project of self discovery.

Use your camera phone or your canon it's not about the best photograph it's about how you see your self.

This will run until I have enough images to compile a show. hopefully we will find somewhere to house this project if it take a few months or a few years.
all entry's will be shown on natural belle 
start date 20th dec-

Open to ladies around the globe
head your email "i see myself project"


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