8 December 2010

The review: Zenzele



i was sent two products from zenzele,  (zen'zay-lay) a natural hair company based in the US,  the brand has natural hair in mind and uses all natural products free of parabens and mineral oils.
i was sent the leave in conditioner which retails at $12 and the Shea Shea hair soufflé, retailing at $15

The leave in
i've been using the zenzele leave in conditioner for a few days, i got the product when i was half way though a twist set so i used the product to refresh my hair, as you can use it on wet or dry hair. 
the first thing i noticed was the aroma! it smells beautiful and the light consistency.
the leave in contains aloe, castor seed, & wheat protein. 
as a refresher for dull looking hair this product is great as a leave in conditioner it is to light for my hair, my hair drank this up and i had to add more. i think my hair is too coarse for this product. but i will continue to use it in the morning to reshape and revive my TWA as the ingredients are lovely.

The soufflé
this is where zenzele shined for me literally!i used the thick creamy styling product to define my twist set. the product passed the upside down test and there was a generous amount in the tub i didn't need very much i used a finger tip of the product on each section, considering how thick and white Shea Shea is, it did not sit on my hair. though this does not look like my usual twists i really like the results, my hair is soft and has lots of shine (my hair never shines!).
again the ingredients are impressive, aloe, Shea butter, coconut oil, grape seed oil and black willow bark.
i did find the product to be quite oily so you shouldn't use to much, the Shea Shea soufflé is great for thick 4a, 4b hair my hair is touchable soft.

i really like the ethos of Zenzele, bringing us affordable natural hair and body products, as a relatively new company they have a lot to compete with but i think these to product sit well in the market.

Shea Shea soufflé 

*this is my own opinion on the products used on my own hair. results may differ for others, these products were given to me by zenzele


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