18 December 2010

The Oil: Yangu oil

yangu oil is high essential fatty acid and antioxidants Yangu oil is used in items such as hair oil, massage oil, and soaps, and as an essential oil.

This oil has made its way into natural cosmetics, organic hand and body treatments, and many commercial beauty salons. Many spas now offer it as one of their many varieties of massage oil, as well as in hair salons as a product treatment. It can be a natural sunscreen when worked into the skin on a regular basis.

The oil is also non-toxic and non-drying, so it is often used in homemade organic shampoos. When combined with cleansing agents, it has the ability to add softness and lessen the drying effects of most cleansers.

one company that uses yangu oil in its products is liz earle, they source there yangu direct here's what , founder liz has to say...
“We travel the globe in pursuit of the perfect ingredient for a specific purpose. I’m really excited about Kenyan yangu oil at the moment which we use in our long-awaited haircare range. More specifically, we use it in our Botanical Shine Conditioners, for its moisturising properties. Our yangu oil is pressed from seeds hand-collected by forest tribe community groups in Kenya, trained in sustainable forest work. By placing a value on yangu trees in their native environment, we helps stop the trees being chopped down for wood or charcoal, which also helps preserve the local flora and fauna associated with them. Around 250 people collect the yangu seed, more than 80% being women. Each supports an average of 5 people, so more than a thousand people benefit from the collection of yangu seed.”
Liz Earle
Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare

liz earle
stay tuned for my review on liz earle's new hair care range.


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