8 December 2010

The multiple textures

I received a message from an anonymous follower on how to deal with multiple hair textures, i wasn't sure whether this was in regards to natural and relaxed hair or the different textures in natural hair, but i can only discuss my own experiences  as i have never transitioned but i'm sure most rules apply.

it's a common issue with natural hair, the multi-texture! whether it two texture or in my case three styling and moisturising  can be an issue. 
with my hair i have straight (ish) hair at the nape of my neck, this is due to my sleeping habits i lie on my back so the hair there becomes straighter due to it being flattened. this mean the back of my hair does not hold my twists or coils very well but it does hold in more moisture then the rest of my hair. the top section of my hair has a tighter curl but is fine and still loses moisture but holds my styles. the sides of my hair and the majority of my hair represents my true texture with is very tightly coiled and very dry. this part of my hair need alot of moisture but hold twists and coils.
to combat the difficulties in moisturising my natural hair, a moisturise in sections with a moisturiser that is cream based like CURLS whipped cream (usually if i tip the product upside down and it doesn't fall out it is creamy enough for my  hair)
i section my damp hair front, middle and the rest, i apply a small amount to the hair at the nape of my next double it for the middle and add ever more to the front and sides of my hair. this usually does the trick. 
it's all trial and error and part of the natural hair journey, many lady's in the community have this issue so check out youtube video's and blogs of the women with hair like yours and take note of the products and methods they use (find your blogger muse). check out this blog for product reviews on nearly every product on the market.

how do you all deal with your multiple textures? what products have you found good or bad?


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