24 December 2010

The most inspirational blogger of 2010: Folake

blogger is probably the wrong word for the gorgeous and talented Folake,fashion designer, founder and owner of wewe clothing, editor of website StylePantry, fashionista, mummy and friend! 
i stumbled across Folake  when i saw her picture on tumblr, first thing i noticed was that amazing hair! then my stalker like natural hair radar went hyper-speed and i finally landed on StylePantry. here she interviews stylist's, bloggers, designers and fashion insiders and give us a first look at hot new lines. 
unlike most high end fashion websites, Folake doesn't just focus on others she also put's herself and her fashion out there. she is not your average fashion blogger with the standard topshop wedge and alexander wang something or other, her sence of style encompasses her personality and her culture, her Nigerian heritage is reflected in her style as well as a strong nod to the 1970's.
she also displays a great pride for her homeland with her design's for wewe clothing, check out the gorgeous selection of children's and adult clothing here
with all this in her arsenal Folake remains one of the nicest women i've had the opportunity to connect with on this platform. always ready to help or give advice.
she inspires me to pursue my dreams and still be true to myself, she is a powerhouse and i don't think she even know's it! 



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