3 December 2010

The cringe: my hair FAQ'S video

over the next few weeks i'm going to be doing some video's with your most frequently asked questions! they well be separated into four category's my hair, fashion, blogging and personal stuff.
please excuse my awful camera presence and my hair twisting and my um's and argh's! my video's are crap! 
they are filmed on my iphone4* i haven't quite figured out how to use my digital camera.
if you have more questions on my first instalment my hair, pop them in the comments below and i'll answer them there! (i'm sure i miss loads! as i can only do 10 minute vid's)
what is missed is probably in this post

enjoy.......or not

*i think i'm in frame then i watch the video back and i just have this half face!!  spike lee i am not!! 


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