27 December 2010

The big shop: surviving the sales

today i hit the sales! hard!!
i did really well this year and managed not to bring home any tat! just because it's cheap!! here are a few tip on sale shopping the right way!

Firstly let's have a clean out!
before you intend to do a big shop make sure you clear out your closet, if you haven't worn an item for 12 months are you ever? bin it! or even better donate it.
separate your closet into piles, work, casual, fancy ect, what items do you need to pull looks together? these are the thing's you should be looking for in the sale.
now lets have a cup of tea get a pen and paper and write a list of thing's we are looking for.


  • trendy clothes, anything that was a must have item of the season will you be wearing shearling next year? 
  • themed/wacky clothes unless you intend on rocking a fantasy fur coat or kitten heels, or anything with military styling's i suggest you leave it in the store
  • evening wear unless your looking for something to wear on new years eve leave the sparkle till you have somewhere to wear it!

  • basics, sales are the perfect time to stock up on those thing you should have but never get round to buying such as, cashmere sweaters, crisp white shirts, pumps, ect
  • work wear boring yes but very functional we spend a majority of our time at work so we need to look good doing it! head to shop's like zara or cos for classic work wear
  • statement pieces, a great wool carmel coat, a gorgeous handbag, wool trousers, look for unusual styling but stick to classic cut's.

so now you know what your looking for lets go shop!

i suggest you leave early to avoid the madness! if you are not hardcore i suggest leaving it a week before your venture out! you may miss the best items but most store now add new lines regularly.
if your feeling brave leave early and wear flat shoes!  (hate seeing women shopping in heels!)
it's best to shop alone or with one other person's who is as dedicated to the cause as you are! if you are not one for trying thing's on don't take someone who has to try everything! definitely do not shop with anyone who dosen't have there own list!! they will buy rubbish and steer you off course! (no you do not need those pleather pants!)

make sure you know what shops you want to hit first! don't turn up at the shopping centre expecting to mosey along! this is a war! get ready for battle damn you woman!

if you a smart shopper you would have been book marking the items you wanted throughout the season so head to those shop's
avoid going into shops just because they have a huge markdown! remember if you wouldn't but it full price why buy it now?

most store's won't let you try thing's on the first few days of sales! so know your sizing! (or if you are like me just strip off in the middle of the store!)

keep calm ladies! fashionista's can be viscous! especially when there is only one louis vuitton handbag at 70% off!

if you think you might want it pick it up as soon as it catches your eye! (like a viper!)

get ready to spend 25% of your shopping time queuing!

8 top tips!

  1. if your with a friend get her to stand in the queue, so you can shop then swap by the time you have finished shopping your at the front of the queue
  2. most stores do there markdown in pencil on the back of the tag's before the sale start so check out the shops beforehand!
  3. stores like zara stagger there markdown they start with taking £10 of but most item's end up at 75% off or more! so purchase what you want the first day then return it and buy it again! at the cheaper price(thats ok right?)
  4. beware of stores that put out old sale stock! 
  5. head to shop's like gap, zara, reiss, whistles, cos and topshop which put 75% of there stock on sale zara only goes on sale twice a year! 
  6. if your going to selfridges or harrods dedicate a day just to spend there! head to the designer bag hall they have major discounts!
  7. make sure you stick to the list!!!
  8. put down the pleather pants.........now!

if all else fails and you really can't hack it! shop online!! the sales start earlier, no queues not crazy women clutching to a mui mui pump! no drama! you don't even have to get dressed!
*all tip's are belle's any nudity or queue jumping is optional!


use discount code: WIGWITCH