26 December 2010

The best fashion item of 2010: the turban

over the last year we have seen a multitude of fashion foder! aviator jackets, clogs, brogues, trilby's the list is endless. the one that stood out for me was the return of the traditional turban or head wrap, the likes of June Ambrose and Solange  rocked there's regularly. the turban has been seen all over the high end street style blogs as well as editorials.
we have been wearing turbans/wraps for years but in the last 12 months we have seen a return to the glamorous yet always functional 1940's.

 "Turbans were fashionable in the 1940s and 1950s ; one name given them was cache-misère (French, "hide misery"), a chic solution to a bad-hair day"

June Ambrose is hardly ever seen with out a turban in a lavish fabric. the turban is now not just for those day's when you have a treatment in your hair but can be worn as a statement piece in the evening as well as a stylish alternative to a hat during the day.
you can purchase large scarfs from most retailers, but try traditional sari and african shops for beautiful fabics at reasonable prices! the key to a large turban like June's or Chrisette's is to use alot of fabic.


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