20 November 2010

The letter from Christina

"hello there love....
Ive been following your blog now for about a year and I visit on the daily, sometimes hourly basis (when I am lucky enough to have that much free time) religiouslyyy. No lie, you inspired me to finally chop all my brittle relaxer off, and since than I've never looked back. I passed on your blog to my biffle who was kind of on the fence on going natural (she has a huge baby fro complex) and with which I assume took hours of prior meditation, she just recently cut it all off (=. I love your unique cocktail of natural hair, fashion and beauty blog entries because it truly inspires woman and young girls alike that whether natural, relaxed or scalped down to the flesh, your hair does not define you.It's all about how you carry yourself.point blank. I don't mean to sound like a hallmark inspirational card, but confidence is key. Without it, long european weave or bald headed, your simply just a stick in the mud"

Thanks you Christina so much for this letter I'm glad you are inspiring others and putting out a positive message. Your energy is abundant and your love is felt! As soon as I read this letter I had to post it and your beautiful pictures

You look wicked!!!
Check out Christina on her blog http://www.tinaterrrrible.blogspot.com/


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