1 November 2010

CURLS whipped cream review

On my quest to find the perfect the perfect styling product, I've come across the brand CURLS,(check out Yana review here) I've Bern trying out whipped cream an organic cream for thick kinky textured curls.
The smell of all the CURLS products is amazing!! Whipped creams great for styling locs, twists and Afros.
The product says it provides superb curl definition. So I gave whipped cream the wash and go test.
hair after using CURLS whipped cream
As the directions for use said to wash and cleanse my hair and add the whipped cream to wet hair. I was a bit dubious of this as the consistency is very thick and very white and I was worried the the product would dry flaky.
I rubbed a generous dollop of the product into my hair in sections. And left to air dry. The thing I noticed was how well CURLS whipped cream dissolved into the hair. Without leaving any residue of flakes. Also I notice my natural curl pattern was more defined (my usual wet coils were still present when my hair was dry and with no gel!)
My hair was about 40% less frizzy which was was good. Unlike alot of gels and styling creams CURLS whipped cream leave your hair looking very natural(so not hard or over styled) And the good thing is you can use whipped cream as a styling product on dry hair.
For a 8oz jar it's $17.00, it contains all the standard yummy ingredients like shea butter, organic aloe leaf leaf and coconut oil with some not so standard plumeria alba flower extract which strengthens the hair.
Overall the whipped cream is great staple. to get you hands on a sample pack visit www.curls.biz they do a range of there products for different hair types from $22.00 you get a sample size shampoo and conditioner and some styling products.


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