27 November 2010

The aspiring model: Mfon

"I was looking up well known models of the world and I had came across your blog. I love it . I am a aspring model who live's in Arizona and I have decided to go natural with my hair . I cut it pretty short about 3 or 4 time til all the perm was out my hair and boy it was scarey . I think african american women are very influenced when it comes to their hair. The straighter and longest it can be we tend to let that define us as women. through this journey and I am learning new ways and things to do with my hair as it starts to grow out and your blog inspires me to keep up with natural look..."

I'm so glad naturalbelle inspires newly natural ladies as that is what i hoped would be the case when i started blogging.i wish Mfon every success her hair looks amazing an she is going to make a great model!


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