29 October 2010

lush's Gorilla perfumes

Lush's perfumers are putting the enthuses back on the aroma back into perfumes.
gorilla perfumes
tuca tuca
In today's market is more surface over substance when it comes to perfumes, the the big players aren't seducing us with crazy packaging (I mean does my perfume really need rhinestones?) there are coercing us to smell like Paris hilton or jlo. With all this enthused on the outer beauty perfumers at lush are bringing back quality aroma.

"great perfumes are like works of art, they are memorable, inspiring, and delightful"

I've tried tuca tuca, lust, orange blossom and the smell of freedom all of which are great scents.Tuca tuca smells like the Palma violet sweet I used to eat on the way to school. On the other hand the smell of freedom makes me think of being in love i don't know why but I guess that Is the point of a good perfume it transports you to where ever you've been before.

the smell of freedom
prices start at £2:50 for a small sample, the solid perfumes is £5:50, the aroma spray is £11:00 and fits perfectly in your purse. when you are ready to commit to your signature scent the large bottle is £23:00. to go along with the no nosence mantra the packaging is very simple and in it's simplicity very chic.
*these are from prices some aroma's are more or less expensive

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