29 October 2010

Jett slashington: how to become a rock god!

crashed velvet and lace! 

"check out my scene hair! i back combed the hell out of my sleek boho wig"

"i need a top hat!"

kick ass velvet leggings!

"how high can i get this hair!"

once upon a time slash and Joan jett (and i think jimmy hendrix helped) came together to create the ulitimate rock god! by day you may very well think i am belle the blogger but by night i am infact jett slashington! like any great super hero i have a super power and that my dears is the power to in fact ROCK!
it's a bit scene kid and alot 80's stadium  rock! and a bit garth from waynes world! 

ok ok i'm going going to a fancy dress party! its that time of year again and amongst the sea of lady gaga's and catwomen, i wanted to find a unique costume that would not cost the earth. i found most of these item in my wordrobe however i did not own these kick ass velvet leggings! which i brought for the occasion for £7:00
i have avoided the crushed velvet comeback untill now and these baby's will end up in the back of the wordrobe but for now they harness my true power! 


use discount code: WIGWITCH