28 October 2010

bex of sew-inspired

How long have you been rocking that gorgeous mane?

I have been rocking my natural hair for 17 years. I had a Jehri curl as a teen, A few years later I transitioned to a perm. The harsh chemicals and expensive salon visits, moved me to go natural. I had no idea that my hair was wavy/curly, I chopped it off not knowing what to expect. This was back in the 90's before before the natural hair revolution, there were not many resources for natural hair. I learned what was beneficial by trial and error.

If naturalbelle was to raid you bathroom what would she find?

Natures gate shampoo, a variety of conditions. I love trying different conditioners. Wide tooth combs, I have one brush, bobby pins and nail polish. I'm not a product junkie.

My favorite hair products are oils.
Coconut oil, olive oil and grape seed oil. Grape seed is my FAVORITE. My guilty product pleasure is 'S curl activating gel', It makes my hair SO silky smooth. Please don't take my natural card away!

What is you favorite hair style?

I love protective styling, I usually put my hair in two french braids and pin it in the back, a loose bun, or a braided crown. If I'm going out, I wear my hair out, wild like a lion. I do not wear my hair wild often, it tangles easily which causes breakage.

Do you have any hair tips for us natural belles?

Embrace the texture of YOUR hair. Find the proper moisturizer. Protective styling promotes hair growth!!! Do not fight against your hair, be friends with it. Go with the flow of what your hair wants to do. I don't believe in a "bad hair day". There is no such thing as "Good Hair" if you have healthy hair....it's good!
I've been taking biotin for my hair and nails and I am seeing great results, my hair is getting stronger (minimal breakage) and my nails are tough!

Your personal style is fierce!!! How do you put your outfits together?

Thank you very much! My outfits depend on my mood, hair, or accessories. I usually have a focal point, be it hairstyle, accessorie, or shoe that I want to stand out. Then, I work around the focal point.

What are your favourite stores?

The designers that I like are Diane Von Furstenburg, Michael Kors, Rachel Roy and Moi! I hate malls, but if I have to shop at a store it would be a fabric store (to make my own clothes). Vintage stores, ebay, Nordstrom and H&M are cool. I can go from a thrift Store to Saks Fifth Ave and find a treasure.

Who is you fashion inspiration dead or alive?

My mother is the most stylish person I know besides my sisters. I'm also inspired by stylish woman walking down the street, or on the net. I like real people in real clothes. As far as famous people go, Edith Head is inspirational.


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