24 January 2010

SAG's and Globes

every where i turn it's awards awards awards so i thought i'd do a little dress judging of my own! i'm on the look out for some natural hair on the red carpet but i ain't gonna hold my breath!

best dressed lea michele at the SAG's, dress perfect! hair perfect! perfect perfect perfect!

Gabourey Sidibe looked great but i wish she wouldn't cover her arms and lets those boobies free!! girl your big and i ain't mad at it work it out!!!!

again i wish there was more clevage! she could have pulled it off but this dress is very flattering on her saw her on e! and she is a sweet heart too!

miss patton all spermated by my husband robin thicke!! looked lovely at the SAG awards! if not a little shot gun wedding! but the hair is just hanging there like she ain't ever heard of a sleek bun!

halle at the globes.......did i just time travel back to  2001?? halle need to update her look and give liz hurley her dress back!

christina applegate looks like grace kelly! love the back detail!

miss riley looks hot in this dress love it when bigger girls show the curves! she covers the boobs but get out those sexy pins hard to pull off short at awards but she worked it out!

 boring! no more to say.....

mariah looks classy for a change! not sure about the side ponytail she looks a little high school prom! and that god awful bag! better than her globes look...marginally!

this dress is a little ageing on leona she looks like paula pattons bridesmaid! her hair  as always blown out with no trace of curl!! looks good but i miss her big hair!

 hmmm the jury is still out! i like the color and the shape but....i don't know i just can't decide......


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