22 January 2010

PETA!! kamber get all furry


 ok so were do i start!! i'm not a campaigner for peta or anything and i don't have anything against people who wear fur its your choice! i personally would not wear fur! i think it looks kind of gross and the idea of wearing something that still resembles a carcus is not for me!
you know i love you amber but please...i can ignore the fact that techically you are just a video ho who hit the high rollers, i can ignore the fact that you don't really do anything beside party and look hot! i can also forgive your poor choice in men...and women! but this attention grabbing furry shit is not cool! are you cold kamber? are you being ironic? it seems that the spotlight was not firmly on kamber so they pull the i wear fur and I'm proud card! yawn! cue the angry letter from peta and them being covered in red paint! do something useful and use your celebrity to help haiti!!
yes im aware that by posting these picture im just giving them what they want, and i won't stop posting pics of my girl amber but she has lost 10 belle points for this! (besides i blame kanye!) don't get me started on this orange fluffy nightmare!!

*she rocking those shows however teal! nice


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