26 November 2009

recession blues

hi guys today is to be known as black thursday!! i was made redundant today! the recession has hit alot of us now is the time to suport our sister and bring on a collective positivity!
love peace amd next months rent

25 November 2009

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amber rose @ viewing of me and orson wells

champange dress champange hair love love love it!

international holiday competion!

comming soon
for the month of december naturalbelle is holding a holiday/christmas compition!! just my way of giving back to my lovely followers!
all you need to do is submit a video, photo, poem whatever you like about what being natural means to you!! the more creative the better!
there will a 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place winner! prizes include a brandnew handbag! make up! lush products! and much more! i will start taking entries on the 1st of december!
you must be a follower to enter so if you want to follow than unfollow for the compition then do so(kinda rude though lol) so tell all your friends and family to follow!!
ps the comp will be international!

dont turn your back on Naturalbelle of the month

it's been a while but naturalbelle is still running so please send in you photo's and a little bit about yourself if you would like to appear on naturalbelle

belle meets a natural belle!!!

so today im just standing in oxford street admiring the fierce hair of a fellow commuter when said cummuter turns to and asks "do you have a blog called natural belle" well i was like whatttt?!?! i know people read my blog and i get lots of emails and comments! but meeting people in the flesh is amazing!!

so the lovely beverly gets a shout out for being fly and gets extra fly points for her choice of hair color!! and i appriciate all the lovely thing you said about naturalbelle
please comment if you live in the uk i'd love to know who you all are in case i bump into lol!!!

20 November 2009

S1MNICITY does her big chop!

one of my favourite you tube blogger has done her big chop after she had an incident with the relaxer kit! cool video so take a look and comment ect

13 November 2009

lady hawk!

le coil-if you haven't clicked the link why not!!!

natural belle hits up the twilight red carpet

hey guys have had the best week on tuesday i hit up the twilight uk fan event. natural belle got hooked up with vip ticket and access all areas passes!!! Omg!!!
so you all no i'm a HUGE twilight fan and E1 entertainment held a huge party for uk fans of the twilight saga in battersea park! the amosphere was amazing and though i didn't get to meet taylor, kristen and robert as the secruity was on point they did do a q&a and answerd my bella and edward related questions!!!
i got to walk the red carpet and rub shoulder with some celebs all in all a good night was had!!

here are a few pictures of the cast of the twilight saga-new moon uk fan event. robert pattinson its official i love you!
thank you to carl, bec and teresa for making it happen!

amber amber AMBER

it wouldn't be friday with some amber rose! ha ha ha
Seems like she is back with the ego that is kanye oh well you know i still love you boo!

6 November 2009

rutina wesley

rutina "true blood" "how she move" is a great actress i love her character tara on hbo's true blood very talented!

amber rose

yes again! apparently she is no longer with her meal ticket sorry boyfriend kanye west (not a bad thing) hopefully she has done enough to stay in the limelight so we can still see her on the red carpet! lol

leona lewis @ EMA's

leona at the europe music awards

corrine bailey rae

corrinne looking stunning at the q awards good to see her out and about after a tough few years looking amazing fierce

3 November 2009


just thought i'd share some pictures of my halloween i'm suppose to be cat woman! interesting evening......

i just love this....

le coil

i'm going to be a bit sparadic in the posting for november or newmonvember as it is know! i'm on twilight saga lockdown i'm going to alot of events so i'll posts picture on naturalbelle and belle. i'll try very hard not to run off with a robert pattinson!
just loved this picture from le coil happy smiling sisters!! yay


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