24 September 2009

NBOM- Natural belle of the month

Hello Natural Belle!
My name is Pauline and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I follow your blog and I get so much inspiration from all the Natural styles you post!
I think it's hella cool that you have a Natural Belle of the Week and I wanna be one too!!!!! lol I recently decided to go natural by shaving my head. I went on a month long trip to Kenya this past June-July and It really inspired me when I was around people who looked like me to really embrace my features and love who I essentially am.
So when I came back home I decided to take my self love to the highest capacity and do away with all my chemically treated hair! It was really cathartic and although it is a bit of a test at times, I'm glad I'm getting to know me and It really makes me happy to see your blog and get ideas for when my hair grows in!
But for now, as a baldy, I'm loving the Bold new attitude and as a whole I love being a Fierce,Strong, natural chick!!! I would really love to be featured on your page and contribute to the uplifting and encouraging message for all ethnic women to love their features!

i thought this email was so spirited i'd post the whole thing!!
don't forget you can be a ntural belle too! just mail me some pictures!


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