19 January 2011

The Hit List

A few ingrediants we should try to avoid  were possible

silicone dimethicone and anything ending in cone: you'll find this in conditioners as it is used to soften the hair and give shine

why you should avoid it: it will coat the hair shaft, preventing moisture which not only means that your hair will become dry, but also that any moisterizing products you use after will have little or no affect.

mineral oil and petroleum: the derives from a crude oil (the same ingredian used to cut metal) it is used in moisterisers as a cheap filler

why you should avoid it: it coats the hair and clogs the pores, it prevents other product from penertrating the hair shaft.

sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate (sls/sles): this is used in 95% of shampoos to make them foamy the same ingrediant can be found in floor cleaner and car engine degreasers.

why you should avoid it:it will irritate the skin and cause dry hair by stripping away the natural oils and preventing moisture

diazolidinyl: is found in shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair spray and is used as a presertive.

why you should avoid it: it can potentially realease formaldehyde which can be toxic

parabens (menthyl,propyl,butyl): found in most products, is used as a presertive to give products a longer shelf life to prevent mildew and mould.

why you should avoid it: research as shown that parabens mimic the female hormone oestrogen. there is an ongoing debate as to the harnful effects but the fact remains that they accumulate in the blood stream and maybe carcinogenic

try to avoid these chemicals, check the back of your product if any of the above appear near the top of the ingrediants list put it back on the shelf! the further down the list the less it contains.

lots of products have chemical that are naturally derived, this means said chemical has had minimal processing from it original form.

lots of products have lots of words i can not pronounce these are just posh words for ingredients such as lemon and coconut oil!

this is a re-post updated


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