6 April 2009

micro braid how to

hey ladies
as you can tell i'm totally feeling my micro braids at the moment. this used to be my signature style back in the day (i was frontin like i was brandy-lol)
so heres a quick how to or more how i did it sorta thing.
you'll need
*extra long hair i used some cheap brand
*rat tail comb
*lots of time.......
i washed my hair the night before and did a deep moisture treatment i also blow dryed my hair so it was kind of straight.
i also washed the fake hair to get off all the chemicals and dirt.
the braids are actually not as micro as you would think. the back braids are quite big i just did smalller braids around the edges and the parting.
another time saving is they are twists not braids so this took me around 8 hours which isn't to bad.
i only used one bag or hair so its really light as to not pull on my natural hair.
i'm going to try and rock this style for the spring and summer re doing in two and 1/2 months so i'm going to have micro braids until august. then i will up date on my hair growth


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