20 March 2009

morning coffee and my first negative comments....

so....(i always start with so lol)
anyway, i had a negative comment!! i'm gonna call this person out and post the the comment or there blog address because this blog is about fun, love and respect! but in brief this blogger accused me of giving bad advice and not setting a good example becuase i'm always braiding my hair "in tiny braids"?!?!? and can't stick to the 100 day hair challenge so why do i blog about it?
well..... firstly this blog is here to keep women (or men) inspired to stay natural by posting pictures of celebritys, models, singers actresses and well just women with amazing hair!! that is the basis of the blog that is what it has always been! it is not a how to guide or a hair care blog.
due to demand of my followers i post about my own experiences on my journey with my hair! MY HAIR so i post about my triumphs and my failures i'm on the same journey as everyone else i'm learning to.
when i post about my hair. the things i do may not be for everyone. if anyone has an issue with what i post feel free to comment on any posts i'm happy to recieve any ideas, requests or advice.
i'm not a super natural with hundreds of followers if you want great advice visit curly nikki or mane and chic. i just google pretty pictures and post them so you don't have to.

negative bloggers please remember this is suppose to be a fun past time and these negative comments made me think twice about weather i should continue.....but i have 83 followers who think otherwise.
kisses belle
p.s i re did my kinky twists xoxo


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