23 December 2008

transitioning styles prt 1 braiding

hello ladies, i'm going to do a few posts about transitioning styles.

this post is about braiding CORRECTLY! i stress this because if you have braids poorly installed it will cause hair loss, breakage and it just won't look good which is important.
first off we have to start with a HEALTHY! head of hair if you have a sensitive scalp or breakage of any kind DO NOT BRAID! so always atart with a good foundation.

it is possible to braid when transitioning from a relaxer to natural you must have a least and inch and a half of new hair growth.

before i braid my hair i rest my hair for a week or so espiacially if i've previously had braids, two nights before i braid i wash and deep condition my hair (i do it to nights before so that my hair isn't too soft and slippy for braiding) i put some light moisterizer thoughout the whole head but i do not oil the scalp this is done when the braids are finished (personal preference).
some braiders strighten the hair before they braid it for a neater braid i do not thing this is good for the hair but you can if you want to

the hair.
so sythentic or human? i prefer to you human it softer and you can find better matches for you hair color and type human hair is very expensive it's about $40.00 a bag and you will need at least three bags. but there are some fantastic sythetic hairs outthere i like outre batic which is just like human hair but a fraction of the price!!!


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