23 December 2008

transitioning style prt2 braiding

so once you've picked the hair that you like i'm a fan of afro bulk or deep wave i start with about 18 inch and cut to my desired lenght.


there are many different types of braiding tehniques, twitst, plaits, micro......i'm a fan of micro braids. they last longer and i have gotten the best hair growth results from this style.

when done corectly micro braids will not make you hair fall out!!!

most braider braid to tight, braiding should not be in any way painful! tension should be firm but not tight.

when doing micro braids you need a to take a small piece of hair like a mm square and braid with a small piece of extension hair ( alot of braiders use to much fake hair which put stress on the roots of your hair and creates the dreaded hair loss) so you only need about 15 strands of hair.

with micro braid i braids to the end of my natural hair and with the extension hair put in 3-4 slip knots DO NOT SLIP KNOT YOUR NATURAL HAIR!!

if you are a braiding novice there are alot of how to videos on you tube!

the whole process takes about 8 hours depending on the lenght of hair and how small the individual braids are.

when i am done braiding i wet down the hair this loosens the braid (if they are tight). if you have gone for a curly braid weting down the hair loosen the curls and settles it for a natural look.

if the hair is sythetic i air dry if it human i blow dry. when the hair is fully dry i oil the scalp.

i use the same process for all styles not just micros.

please visit a professional braider or someone with evidence of there work. also visit a professional to take out you braids.


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