21 December 2008


those of you that have been reading my blog for a while will no that i am always braiding and unbraiding my hair!

i have a love and hate relationship with braids, they are versitile and when done correctly can protect your hair against the elements and help to promote hair growth. but when i think of the reasons why i decided to go natural (to just let my hair be itself) i feel like a bit of a hypocryte wearing fake hair!! i'd never wear a weave but i wear micro braids!?!?
hmmmmm is that not the same?
but alas i do love braids and braiding i find therpuetic to take a whole day to myself and just do my hair, i've always done my own braids as braider are way to expensive, i'm also very fussy and over the years i have perfected my tecnique. my favourite style is afro twists using human hair at the moment i'm rocking micro braids with a slight wave, its not my usual look but that the other great thing about braids ( and weaves) you can go bone straight and not have to commit to it!

we must remeber that big part of hair is fashion and fashion should be played with.

at the moment my hair is straght but my mind is curly...if that makes sence lol


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